ABC cheese

The story of ABC cheese

  • 1980.

    Our team of experts produces the first ABC cheese of a unique, creamy texture and full in taste. The first consumer reactions were marvellous.

  • 1990.

    Over time the basic taste was enhanced with horseradish and there was also a sweet variety with banana.

  • 2005.

    The ABC cheese line is extended with new tastes – ABC Ham, ABC Chives, ABC Piquant Paprika and ABC Vegetables.

  • 2006.

    New production lines and investments, new, practical packaging with new design

  • 2009.

    ITQI Superior Taste Award with three stars for quality

  • 2016.

    ABC cheese Chives ranks third at the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP CHEESE CONTEST in the United States.

  • 2016.

    Redesign of ABC cheese packaging and presentation of the new taste of ABC tuna.

  • 2019.

    For a cheesecake made of ABC cheese – 500 g packaging

  • Fresh extra quality milk is produced daily on the company’s own seven dairy cow farms with more than 4,000 happy cows.

    Milk from own production is also used to prepare the velvety cream for ABC cheese.

  • To achieve the fullness of taste, a small quantity of fine sea salt is added at the end. ABC fresh cream cheese is the favourite of all generations. It is the market leader in the segment of dairy and cheese spreads and its quality and taste are an inspiration not only for all kinds of sandwiches, but also as an ingredient that will lend a special aroma and full taste to any culinary delicacy.

  • Apart from ABC Cheese Classic, the rich ABC range also includes the tastes Chives, Ham, Kulen, Tuna, Chilli and Junior. In 2016 ABC cheese won a number of acknowledgements in Croatia and the countries of the Adria region, where it is doubtlessly the strongest cheese spread brand, having for the third time in a row won the first place in Croatia in the Best Buy Award research in the cheese spreads category and in Slovenia the annual selection as Product of the Year (Produkt leta).

    Its quality has been confirmed by numerous international acknowledgements, which have ranked it among select, globally recognized, highest quality food brands. After it had won three Superior Taste Awards in a row, the International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi) from Brussels presented it with the prestigious Crystal Taste Award for the year 2016 and particularly worth noting is the 3rd place won in 2016 by ABC cheese with chives at the world’s largest cheese competition, the World Championship Cheese Contest in the United States of America, among 2595 samples from 23 countries.

  • Croatian Quality

    The Croatian Quality sign and numerous other awards and acknowledgements certify the exceptional quality of ABC fresh cream cheeses.

  • World Championship Cheese Contest

    The World Championship Cheese Contest, the world’s largest cheese competition, held in the United States of America – among all the world’s largest producers who presented as many as 2595 samples from 23 countries, ABC cheese with chives ranked third, scoring high 99.55 out of 100 possible points.

  • Crystal taste award

    ABC cheese won the prestigious Crystal Taste Award for the year 2016, presented by the International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi) from Brussels, the world’s leading organisation for appraising taste and quality. Eligible for the Crystal Taste Award are only products the taste and quality of which for three years in a row won the maximum of three golden stars awarded by the professional jury that examined the content, quality and taste of the products.

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